Rep. Adam Kinzinger criticizes Pence for claiming to have kept in touch with Donald Trump since Jan. 6

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) criticized former Vice President Mike Pence for his claims of remaining close to former President Donald Trump.

The Illinois politician retweeted a post from The New York Times outlining how Pence declined to join Trump in urging for postponing the certification of the election. “He gets credit for THAT, but lately he’s gone to Hungary, and bragged about staying in touch with fat Donald. Really is incredible how close we came, and how some want to just ‘move on,'” Kinzinger, a staunch Trump critic, tweeted on Sunday.

Kinzinger was referring to a speech Pence gave in Budapest last month, during which the vice president explained his conservative values and highlighted his ties to Trump. More recently, Pence suggested that he has been in fairly regular communication with the former president over the past several months [Bipartisan Report].

“We’ve spoken probably a dozen times since the inauguration [in January],” Pence told the Ruthless podcast on Thursday last week. Speaking on the January 6 riot, Pence said, “We moved past it. We finished the work,” adding that he is now focused “entirely on the future” [Newsweek].



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