Michael Flynn allegedly received $200,000 in undisclosed secrets payments

Michael Flynn, the former general and former Trump advisor, allegedly received $200,000 undisclosed secret payments in 2014 and 2015 for consulting work on a plan to build 40 nuclear plants in the Middle East (NRC Handelsblad).

This nuclear plan never went into fruition. This plan would have involved companies from the U.S, France, Canada and Russia in the area of construction and management of nuclear plants within Arab nations. SpyTalk reported how a Dutch company specializing in transport had revealed the payment to Flynn. NRC reported how $200,000 in payments to Flynn came from a U.S. firm, ACU Strategic Partners, connected to the project. This came from internal Dutch and U.S. corporate documents the paper obtained.

SpyTalk in 2017 reported by Newsweek saw Flynn was involved in the project working as an unpaid adviser to the ACU and did not disclose information on his initial disclosure form or a later amended version of the form. However, officials at this time told Newsweek how Flynn was reimbursed $10,000-$15,000 for travel expenses related to the time he spent in the Middle East. This report led to investigations with two House committees which found Flynn hadn’t disclosed his meetings with Middle East officials who were related to this nuclear project (RollingStone). 

The original writer for the story in NRC, Carola Houtekamer, commented that Flynn never responded to requests for comment. Public officials must disclose any past business conducted as paid lobbyists to foreign companies or government before entering into public services as per disclosure forms and laws that exist. 




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