Woman claims she was charged for crying during surgery

A woman took to Twitter to share a picture of her medical bill after allegedly being charged for crying during a procedure. The individual, who calls herself ‘Midge’, shared in a tweet that she was charged for “brief emotion” during a procedure.

In her tweet was a picture of her itemized medical bill, along with the caption “Mole removal: $223 Crying: extra.” Since it was posted, it has received more than 15,000 retweets, 193,000 likes, and 1000 quotes. She responded to her tweet with two others. One said “I didn’t even get a damn sticker” and the following one saying, “Is a lollipop too much to ask?”.

For years, people have been complaining about the healthcare system in the U.S., decrying the high costs and long waits, along with doctors who don’t take concerns seriously. This revelation has only heightened patients fears of being charged for showing their emotions during visits to the doctor.

A lot of people resonated with Midge’s experience, in that they’ve been charged for reasons they didn’t know they could be charged or had to pay large amounts out of pocket. Many of the comments came from people expressing their anger over this, while others encouraged her to push back.

In recent years, there have been demands for universal healthcare in the U.S. as people look at other countries where everything is “free”, aka covered by taxes higher than those in the U.S. Unsurprisingly, people on both sides of the aisle have vastly different opinions; as a result there have been few changes to healthcare made in recent years.




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