Gov. DeSantis says he’s “not considering” a presidential run at this time, will focus on Florida’s needs

On Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis went on Fox News’ Hannity, where he was asked about his plans for the next presidential election. DeSantis didn’t explicitly answer the question, but did confirm that it wasn’t something he was focusing on right now.

“I’ve noticed the media, no matter how many times you’ve answered the question, about are you considering a run for the presidency in 2024, and you give the same answer, that they still keep asking you,” Sean Hannity, the host of the show, said to him. “What’s your answer to those people who keep asking again and again?” DeSantis responded: “Yeah, I’m not considering anything other than doing my job. We’ve got a lot of stuff going on in Florida.”

“I’m gonna be running for reelection next year, and we’re also working on a lot of things in the state even beyond just the governor’s race. We’ve got school board races, Sean. I want to make sure people are not supporting Critical Race Theory, making sure that parents, you know, have the ability to send their kid to school the way they want to.” He once again confirmed, “There are a lot of huge issues, that is way down the road, it’s not anything that I’m planning for.”

After former President Donald Trump’s huge election loss, and amidst rumors that he will be running again, people began theorizing who would be running in the next election, along with who they thought should run. DeSantis has become something of a hero among conservatives, as he has stood up to President Joe Biden, pushed against mandated vaccines and masks, and pushed for a secure border. His strong stance on these issues has won him many supporters, along with several opponents. 

After DeSantis answered Hannity’s question, Hannity quipped, “Good thing you’re not running against Terry McAullife- he thinks parents shouldn’t have a say at all in their kids’ education,” referring to the recent debate where governor hopeful Terry McAuliffe said parents shouldn’t tell schools what to teach their kids.




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