Amazon unveils Astro, a robot that follows you around, records your home, and recognizes faces

Amazon’s new Astro device can hear, see and follow you around your home. The $1,000 robot, which moves around on three wheels, will be available later this year. It was one of a batch of gadgets Amazon unveiled on Tuesday as part of its annual event ahead of the US holiday seasons.

Amazon executive David Limp asked the 43-centimetre-tall robot to come on stage during the virtual event, then asked it to beatbox. Its round digital eyes close or widen as it does tasks. Astro uses cameras, sensors and artificial technology to avoid walls or dogs, and Amazon said the machine’s intelligence will increase as time goes on.

It can perform basic chores: Snacks or a beverage can be placed on its back to be taken to another part of the house. Amazon said a limited number of Astros will be sold initially, but didn’t disclose how many.

Besides the robot, Amazon also unveiled a picture frame-like screen that can be hung to a wall and has Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant built in. The company foresees it going in the kitchen, where users can see recipes, check their schedule or watch a show as they cook.

Also on Tuesday, the Seattle-based company said its Echo listening devices will be put in Disney hotel rooms next year so that guests can order towels from room service or ask it the fastest way to get to a theme park.




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