US companies could face up to $700,000 fines for violating President Biden’s vaccine mandate

After Joe Biden implemented his vaccine mandate for all companies over 100 employees, he now plans to enforce it with fines up to $700,000 for those who violate it.

Over the past few years, lawmakers have increased the fines for companies that violate the occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 which now includes covid-19 standards. Previously, President Biden announced a vaccine or testing requirement for US companies with over 100 employees. Biden stated in a speech last week “The refusal to get vaccinated has cost all of us. And I’m moving forward with vaccination requirements wherever I can”.

On Saturday, Speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi announced the 3.5 trillion “reconciliation” bill to the budget committee and the house floor. On page 168 of the 2,465 page bill shows this tenfold increase in fines for companies that continuously and knowingly violate the labor law that covers hazards in the workplace. With the increases, these fines could range from $70,000 to $700,000 for each violation depending on the circumstance. Companies that fail to correct their violation will be fined $70,000 instead of $7,000 that it was previously.

In June, OSHA published a covid-19 emergency rule which now makes the corona virus a hazard to employees. September 9th is when Biden announced his mandate for businesses with over 100 employees. These newly introduced potential fines cover both the OSHA rule and the recent testing and vaccine mandate. The fines introduced by the bill are way higher than the $14,000 that was proposed by OSHA in hopes that it will force more companies to follow the mandates (Post Millennial).




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