Britney Spears’ father officially removed from conservatorship, judge rules

In court on Wednesday, a Los Angeles judge removed Jamie Spears from the conservatorship that’s been controlling his daughter’s finances and more since 2008. LA Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny appointed accountant John Zabel as a temporary conservator after removing Jamie.

Zabel, a Certified Public Accountant, will take over Britney’s financial affairs until the court decides she’s ready to look after herself again and the conservatorship can be completely terminated – which could happen in just a few months.

Britney Spears reportedly ‘burst into tears’ on Wednesday after she learned that her father Jamie had been suspended as the conservator of her personal life and $60 million estate after 13 years. “On cloud 9 right now!!!,” the pop star wrote in an Instagram post alongside pictures and video of her flying a prop plane for the first time.

It’s a huge victory for the 39-year-old singer in her long battle to regain control of her personal and financial affairs. Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, noted that while today’s ruling was a “substantial step toward [Britney’s] freedom” there are still further allegations of Britney’s mistreatment that are being investigated by state and federal authorities. Rosengart told TMZ that Britney should ‘absolutely’ sue her father if there is evidence that proves that Jamie misappropriated money (Daily Mail).



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