New York Times corrects story claiming border patrol used whips against migrants crossing border

The New York Times published a correction after their initial statement that Border Patrol agents on horseback were using their reins to whip Haitian migrants. On Friday September 24th, the Times published an article that covered photographs and Joe Biden’s comments on the border.

After these images at the border arose there were many accusations of agents on horseback using their reigns as a whip. The New York Times originally claimed, “The images of agents on horseback chasing, and in some cases using the reins of their horses to strike at running migrants.” That changed on Monday to “Images of Border Patrol agents on horseback waving their reins while pushing migrants back.”

High officials from the White House aided in the accusations against the border patrol agents including President Joe Biden who stated that those associated with the mistreating of the Haitian migrants will “pay”. In response to the photographs and claims of border patrol using a whip, the Biden administration stopped the use of horses at the border.

The photographer behind the viral photo that made this whole situation arise took the photos from the Mexican side of the border. Paul Ratje the photographer states “I’ve never seen them whip anyone, he was swinging it, but it can be misconstrued when you’re looking at the picture.”

The New York Times is receiving backlash from many different critics including John Daniel Davidson who is the political editor for the Federalist. In a tweet he claimed that there is no way Michael Shear and his editors didn’t know this was a lie before they published the first version. Senator Ted Cruz’s communications director Erin Perrine also said the media “viciously” created the lie and that an apology is owed to Border Patrol from the house officials and the Times.




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