Oregon Democrats have drafted a less Democrat-tilted congressional map, hope to get Republicans on board

Democrats in the Oregon Legislature drafted a new proposed map of congressional districts that is less heavily tilted in their party’s favor in hopes of getting Republicans on board for votes Saturday.

Their last-minute move to revise the map, which would determine the voter make-up of Oregon’s six congressional districts for the coming decade, comes ahead of a Monday deadline for both chambers of the legislature to sign off on maps or see the map-drawing power elude their grasp.

The map would create three super-safe Democratic seats, one super-safe Republican seat, one seat that tilts in Democrats’ favor and one seat that is a virtual 50-50 tie in terms of how its voters have sided in key Republican-Democratic match-ups since 2015, an analysis by The Oregonian/OregonLive shows.

That compares with the original map Democrats drafted, which would almost certainly have led to five Democrats and just one Republican winning seats in the U.S. House. That would give Democrats 83% of the seats, while President Joe Biden collected just 56% of Oregonian’s votes in his winning 2020 race.

The Democrats’ compromise plan was not, however, enough of a compromise in the eyes of House Republicans, who blasted it for continuing to split voters in the Democrat-dominated Portland area into four different districts. Nearly all Republicans in the House who were not excused from Saturday’s session refused to show up for a procedural floor vote to advance the new map. Rep. Ron Noble, R-Carlton, did attend. As of 3 p.m.  This left the House six members shy of a quorum and unable to vote.




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