Father beats up pastor he allegedly caught touching his son

An Oklahoma father beat a pastor after he caught him inappropriately touching his nine-year-old son while the dad staked out school bus stop and recorded the incident, police say.

When Oklahoma City Police arrived on the scene, Michael Coghill, 33, had been left with a fractured skull and a black eye. Coghill has been charged with indecent act to a child and is detained at Oklahoma City Detention Center after the father showed the recording to police. The boy said that he’d had previous interactions with Coghill.

The boy told his parents that he had seen Coghill jogging in the area several times before and that on Monday he had touched him in a way that made the minor feel uncomfortable. Coghill, a pastor at Lakehoma Church of Christ, did not live in the neighborhood near Southwest 36th Street and County Line Road, where the school bus stop is located. 

On Wednesday, the boy’s father decided to take matters into his own hands and headed to the bus stop with his son. He parked the car where the child was visible, waited for Coghill to show up and recorded the alleged incident. “While he was watching the school bus stop, our suspect ran by him, ran past the bus stop where the children were waiting. Turned around, came back and stopped where he touched the child,” Sgt. Dillon Quirk said.

After recording the incident, the enraged dad confronted Coghill before assaulting him. Coghill’s alleged behavior left neighbors in shock. “There’s hardly any words that are camera appropriate,” Lisa Ward, who witnessed the incident, told News9. “It’s just sickening. He knew the time he would be there every day, that was the hardest part, the most disgusting part,” Ward added. 

Lakehoma Church of Christ released a statement condemning Coghill’s actions and saying he has been “relieved from his duties.” Coghill’s profile has since been removed from the church’s website.




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