Dollz Kills to sell Inauguration Day Bernie Sanders Halloween Costume

Dollz Kills, and online boutique, is selling the ‘Once Again Asking Costume Set’ for $85, modeled after the Vermont senator’s 2021 Inauguration Day outfit. The costume includes a grey coat, a face mask, and a version of Sanders’ viral mittens.

The costume hit the boutique’s website this month and gets its name from a line used by Sanders in a fundraising video for his 2020 presidential campaign. “I am once again asking for your financial support,” he said in the video, with the beginning of the line taking off as a meme on social media. The costume, though, is inspired by another Sanders meme: At this year’s inauguration, the Senator bundled up in a large parka and a pair of large hand-knit mittens.

“Trickz N’ Treatz Once Again Asking Costume Set for you to be a viral internet meme!” reads the description. “This political chairman costume comes with a grey coat, cozy mittens, and a face mask for a total insta-worthy moment.”

Dana Rosenburg, director of marketing at Dolls Kill, told Vice that the “virality of the Bernie meme” inspired the costume. “Plus, Bernie is cool!” she said, adding that the costume is “trending like crazy.” “It may not seem it but the costume is legit it’s made of fleece, has super cozy mittens and comes with a face mask. Wear it for Halloween or as your next winter fit!” she continued.

When asked for comment about the unlikely costume, Mike Casca, a spokesperson for Sanders, told Vice: “If fans of Sen. Sanders’ mittens are looking for a real scare this Halloween, they should see how hard the wealthy and world’s biggest corporations are fighting to stop Congress from finally addressing the long-neglected needs of the working class.” He added: “I’m shuddering at my desk just thinking about it.”




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