Despite stiff fines, airlines have faced over 3,000 mask related incidents in 2021

Incidents involving unruly passengers on commercial flights dropped nearly 50% since regulators implemented fines in January, but the rate remains more than twice as high as at the end of 2020, the Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday.

As of Sept. 21, there were 4,385 reported unruly passenger incidents this year, including 3,199 mask-related incidents, per FAA data. Incidents were occurring approximately six times per every 10,000 flights as of last week, marking a sharp decline since the agency launched a “zero tolerance policy” against unruly passengers.

“Our work is having an impact and the trend is moving in the right direction. But we need the progress to continue. This remains a serious safety threat, and one incident is one too many,” said FAA Administrator Steve Dickson. 

“The FAA will continue its Zero Tolerance policy, keep its public awareness campaign going, and keep pushing and partnering with everyone in the aviation system to do more. We appreciate the tremendous work of all our partners in the airline, airport, labor, and law enforcement communities.” Dickson went onto say.

The FAA plans to host sessions with aviation stakeholders about unruly passengers. “The FAA will ask members of the aviation system to share best practices and to identify additional steps they and the U.S. government can take to reduce the unruly incident rate further,” per the agency.




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