NGO director warns that China’s organ harvesting tactics could “spread to other countries”

In a recent interview, the founder and executive director of Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting warned that forced organ harvesting may soon spread to other countries.

Dr. Torsten Trey recently appeared on ‘Crossroads’, an Epoch Times TV show. During the show, he talked about the dangers and history of forced organ harvesting, which is allegedly common in China. He claimed that the current regime in China has been “persecut[ing] prisoners of conscience”, otherwise known as anyone who disagrees with the government. He said that it has allowed them to provide harvested organs to the transplant market on an industrial scale.

China has been working towards being a dominant power in every industry and throughout the world. This is another field the country is working towards taking over. Because of the forced harvesting, there is a shorter wait time for people in need of organ transplants. The problem is that it isn’t ethical, Trey explained.

“In Western countries, we follow ethical standards for the benefit of the patient. There is a purpose of it, that comes with waiting time. It is based on free voluntary consent as a foundation to donate organs. This concept of free voluntary consent is basically destroyed in the concept of forced organ harvesting,” he said.

In addition, there have been several reports throughout the past 15 years claiming that members of the Falun Gong religion have been a target for persecution and forced harvesting. Trey also cautioned that once the Chinese become the leader in the organ harvesting field, there would be negative ramifications because they would be able to set “new standards”.

This would allow for “Beijing [to] be “unrestricted in its pursuit to eradicate” prisoners of conscience without international scrutiny or criticism”. He talked about some of the people he had met and heard their stories about almost becoming victims of forced harvesting. One said that when he was detained, the police took blood tests and even admitted that it was because his organs would be harvested. Further, there have been reports of missing organs from dead detainees of Chinese jails.

Despite the ongoing claims about concentration camps in China and forced organ harvesting, the Chinese government has repeatedly denied all such reports. Trey’s organization raised awareness and got millions of signatures against the practice of forced organ harvesting. The practice has gained the attention of the United Nations and even the U.S. government, with bills being introduced in both houses of Congress this year.




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