Female employees in Kabul told to stay home, only come to work if job cannot be done by men

Female employees in the Kabul city government have been told to stay home, and only women whose jobs cannot be done by men are allowed to come to work.

The order, announced by Kabul’s acting Mayor Hamdullah Nohmani on Sunday, effectively means women are now barred from government work in the Afghan capital. One of the only jobs women can do for the Kabul government is clean female bathrooms, according to the announcement. The order leaves hundreds of women out of work. Nohmani said there are 2,930 people working for the municipality, 27% of whom are women.

As per CNN, Nohmani said that they permitted all of them to be on time for their responsibilities, but the Islamic Emirate determined that their work had to be halted for a period of time. He further said that they will only permit those females who they required, ie, for tasks that males couldn’t do or that weren’t male-specific

The Taliban-controlled Afghan Finance Ministry sent a letter a week ago instructing female workers not to return to work “until a proper work environment is created.” The Ministry of Education also issued an order on Friday for male secondary school students and instructors to report to their classrooms on Saturday. Female students were not mentioned in the statement.

According to the Taliban’s understanding of Sharia law, spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid reaffirmed earlier Taliban remarks, adding that they are dedicated to women’s rights. Activist Fawzia Koofi disagreed with this said that the Taliban’s actions thus far show that it “still does not believe in women’s rights.”




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