Senate Republicans say General Milley should be court martialed if calls to China are confirmed

Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky said on Wednesday that General Mark Milley needs to be interviewed, and if evidence arises that General Milley did indeed speak with various Chinese officials over concerns that then-president Donald Trump would cause problems with China, then General Mark Milley needs to face consequences.

Senator Rand Paul stated “it should be investigated immediately, today, he should be questioned under oath, if not with a polygraph test, on whether it happened. If it happened, he should be immediately relieved of his duties and court-martialed. You have to find out if it’s true. This is innuendo and rumor and propaganda perhaps. But, if it is true he absolutely immediately needs to be removed.”

Senator Rand Paul also tweeted “I don’t care what you think of President Trump, the Chairman of the JCOS working to subvert the military chain of command and collude with China is exactly what we do not accept from military leaders in our country. He should be court martialed if true” (Fox News).

A spokesman for General Milley has confirmed that the calls did indeed happen. However the spokesman argued that it was to “maintain strategic stability.” Republican members of Congress have said General Milley overstepped his authority with these calls. Senator Rand Paul was joined by various Republicans, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Senator Marco Rubio, and Congressman Matt Gaetz.

Some Republicans have even accused General Milley of treason. It’s not just Republicans who’re calling for the removal or General Milley. Lieutenant colonel Alexander Vindman, a key witness in the first attempted impeachment of former President Trump, said that Milley “usurped civilian authority, broke Chain of Command, and violated the sacrosanct principle of civilian control over the military” (Business Insider).



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