Cuba passes ‘misinformation’ law that says online criticism of government is ‘cyberterrorism

Cuba passed legislation treating “misinformation” as “cyberterrorism.”

The move comes weeks after widespread anti-government protests gripped Cuba, which made international news largely because of photos and videos posted to social media by Cubans on the island. Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel explained that the law “goes against misinformation and cyber lies.”

Decree 35 reads as follows: The legislation bans the spread of false news or messages and content deemed offensive or which “incite mobilizations or other acts that upset public order.” It also provides a channel for Cubans to inform on potential contraventions. Those who have attempted to “subvert the constitutional order” will be considered cyberterrorists. It does not say what the penalties will be for violations.

The legislation drew concern from American lawmakers — including Rep. Maria Salazar (R-FL), a Cuban-American. She said that “the Castro regime intends to criminalize posting on social media — but nothing is going to stop the people of Cuba and their determination to be free.”

The English language site for Prensa Latina  Cuba’s state-sanctioned news outlet marketed the law as “standard practice worldwide.” The regulation typifies the different incidents and facts in the network environment such as cyberbullying, fake news, massive blocking of accounts in social networks, pornography, cyber terrorism, cyberwar, and social subversion.




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