Apple can no longer force developers to use in-app purchasing, judge rules in Epic Games case

A federal judge issued a permanent injunction barring Apple from preventing developers from promoting other forms of in-app payment in their iOS apps, in a limited victory for Epic Games, which had sued the tech giant over its App Store policies.

The injunction is scheduled to take effect Dec. 9, which is 90 days from the issuance of the order Friday, unless the ruling is overturned. Epic launched the case aiming to break Apple’s grip on the App Store.  The order says Apple is permanently barred from prohibiting developers from including in their apps “external links or other calls to action that direct customers to purchasing mechanisms.”

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers wrote that Apple violated California’s laws against unfair competition but that it was not “an anti-trust monopolist… for mobile gaming transactions.” Apple removed Fortnite from its online mobile marketplace after Epic released an update that avoided revenue sharing with the iPhone maker.

Apple does not allow users of its popular devices to download apps from anywhere but its App Store. The case in a California federal court came with Apple feeling pressure from a wide range of app makers over its control of the App Store, which critics say represents monopolistic behavior.




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