Andrew Yang reportedly planning to launch a third party in early October

Former Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang reportedly no longer identifies himself as a Democrat and is said to be launching a new third party alongside the release of his latest book next month.

Yang’s book, Forward: Notes for the Future of Our Democracy, is set to release on October 5th. In it, Yang outlines his vision for a third political party and offers a path forward from the United States’ two-party system. The book’s publisher, Crown, writes that Yang’s book is, “A lively and bold blueprint for moving beyond the “era of institutional failure.” 

While the name and platform of Yang’s new party are still unknown, a source close to Yang told Business Insider that the book will outline the party’s ideals and policy proposals.The book, according to the source, details the shortcomings of what Yang believes is an obsolete duopoly of Republican and Democrat rule. Yang also proposes ways to harness the unified power of the technology, economic and democratic government domains to work together toward modern solutions to the problems governments grapple with today.

Yang was a surprise breakout star during the Democratic presidential primaries ahead of the 2016 general election. The former businessman and entrepreneur gained a substantial following running on a platform that suggested a $1,000 a month Universal Basic Income payment to all Americans.

The UBI proposal was popular with many voters, and Yang raised an impressive amount of money during his run and gained a large following of avid supporters, dubbed The Yang Gang. He later dropped out of the race, and has since run for mayor of New York City, coming fourth but garnering a surprising amount of support during his mayoral campaign.



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