Website for whistleblowers to expose Texas abortion providers taken down again, pro-life group announces

After the Heartbeat law went into effect in Texas last week, a pro-life group published a website that allowed people to respond with tips about people providing or receiving abortions; it has now been taken down twice.

Texas Right to Life published a website called ProLifeWhistleblower.com, where they asked viewers to report anonymously about people who obtained or provided abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy, thus violating the new abortion law. The hosting provider GoDaddy removed the website from its platform last week. Afterwards, the organization moved their website over to Epik, which hosts Gab and 8chan, two sites that other companies have banned from their platforms. Despite this, Epik’s domain registrar announced that the whistleblower form was against its terms of service.

The site now redirects to the Texas Right to Life website; however, the spokesperson said the group still is hoping to post the form. After the whistleblower site was originally published, several Tik Tok creators made videos encouraging viewers to visit the site and submit phony tips. Some even showed themselves entering the name of the Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who signed the bill into law.

There are many rumors going around about what the law entails. For example, women still have the right to life-saving care and treatment for miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies. While many believe that the law provides for private citizens to sue women who have gotten abortions, it does not. Rather, it allows for people to sue anyone who performs and abortion or assists in the process of obtaining one, via financial assistance or other means.



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