Study confirms that seniors, people with underlying conditions most at risk for COVID-19

Patients hospitalized with a breakthrough case tend to be older and more likely to have at least three underlying medical conditions, according to a preprint study the CDC posted last week.

Among vaccinated adults with breakthrough cases that put them into the hospital, the median age was 73 and about 71% had three or more underlying conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune conditions and others. Unvaccinated patients hospitalized with Covid-19 had a median age of 59 and about 56% had three or more underlying conditions, the study found.

From late June through late July, a period when the Delta variant accounted for at least half of all Covid-19 cases, unvaccinated adults in the US were about 10 times more likely to be hospitalized for Covid-19 than fully vaccinated adults, the CDC study found.

The risk of hospitalization was greater for unvaccinated adults in all age groups, but the risk gap is especially large among adults under 50. Half of the people in the study who tested positive for coronavirus did not have any symptoms of the infection and were in the hospital for something else altogether.

The CDC analyzed 4,700 hospitalizations among adults between January 24 through July 24 through the COVID-19-Associated Hospitalization Surveillance Network (COVID-NET), which tracks laboratory-confirmed Covid-19 associated hospitalizations in 99 counties in 14 states representing about 10% of the US population. The study has not yet been peer-reviewed or published, according to CNN.


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