Statue of Christopher Columbus in Mexico City to be replaced by statue of indigenous woman

A statue of Christopher Columbus is being removed from the main boulevard in Mexico City to a small park and will be replaced by a monument honoring Indigenous women.

Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum revealed that the iconic statue on the Paseo de la Reforma would be replaced by a sculpture of an indigenous Olmec woman made by the Mexican artist Pedro Reyes. “To them we owe… the history of our country, of our fatherland,” she said. The mayor made the announcement on Sunday, which was International Day of the Indigenous Woman and days before the country’s 200th independence anniversary.

The Columbus figure has stood on the Paseo de la Reforma boulevard for over 100 years, but on Sunday the mayor of the capital city, Claudia Sheinbaum, said it was time for a change of landscape and to make way for a monument that delivers “social justice.”

“We are announcing that the Columbus roundabout will very soon, in October, become a great recognition of the 500 years of resistance of the Indigenous women of our country,” Sheinbaum said. “We owe it to them.”

Although the country recognizes Columbus, “there are two visions,” one native and the other a European vision of the “discovery of America,” she told an event in the capital. The statue was taken down from the Paseo de la Reforma boulevard last year for restoration work ahead of an annual protest and has not been put back up.



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