Man who confronted reporter covering Hurricane Ida on live TV arrested

A man who sprinted and lunged at an NBC news reporter during live coverage of Hurricane Ida from the Mississippi coast was arrested in Ohio by United States Marshals on Thursday.

NBC reporter Shaquille Brewster was updating residents about the aftermath of the hurricane. “Just a couple of minutes ago people were walking their dogs. They’re back on the beach right now. That’s the sense you’re getting,” he says as the man approaches from behind. “The rain has stopped, the wind is still going there, and I think we have a random person going around.”

Dagley can then be heard shouting at the reporter and his camera crew as he approaches, saying: “Y’all reporting this accurately, right?” Brewster attempted to continue the segment, asking the crew to turn the camera away from Dagley as he shifted his position away from him. Dagley, however, continued shouting, and Brewster eventually told anchor Craig Melvin that he will need to cut the broadcast short. 

The broadcast cut away just as Brewster raised his forearm to defend himself. Benjamin Eugene Dagley, 54, was tracked to the Dayton area and handcuffed as he exited a store, federal officials said. Officers with the U.S. Marshals violent fugitive task force found Benjamin Daley’s white pickup truck with an Ohio license plate in the parking lot of a Dayton shopping center Thursday morning.

They arrested Daley as he walked out of a nearby store. Daley, of Wooster, Ohio, was wanted for two counts of assault, one count of disturbance of the peace and one count of violation of emergency curfew in Gulfport, Mississippi.



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