Kentucky Gov. Beshear calls on families to push unvaccinated – ‘sane versus insane issue’

Governor Andy Beshear (D-KY) said in an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday that Kentucky residents should use Thanksgiving to push family members to get vaccinated because this is a “sane versus insane issue.”

Anchor Chuck Todd said, “Let’s talk about this issue of misinformation. We’ve got this issue of the dewormer situation. I think Kentucky poison control has had extra calls about this. Governor Beshear, are there just certain groups of people that aren’t going to listen to you, and you have to acknowledge that and find other spokespeople to try to convince the unvaccinated to listen to public health?”

Beshear said, “When it comes to misinformation, I really don’t think this is a red or a blue you. It is a fact versus fiction or sometimes sane versus insane issue.” Beshear went onto say, “My first job in life was mucking stalls at a horse farm. Taking a horse de-wormer is crazy under any circumstance. We are well past, I think, all across America the populations that are going to listen to a government official and take the vaccine because of it. We’re probably past even the point where a local official, a pastor or others.”

He continued, saying, “Where I think we’re at is where people are going to have to break that Thanksgiving dinner rule. They’re going to have to call or go see that person they love and care about that is unvaccinated, and they’re going to have to put their relationship with that person on the line because they’ve never been at greater risk. I think it’s that type of carrot and the person willing to do that and make that sacrifice that we’ll finally get through to those that are not vaccinated. That’s what we’re seeing here in Kentucky. We need all Americans to do it. Yes, you might lose a friend because of that conversation, but that friend might lose their life if they don’t get vaccinated.”



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