Charges of indecent exposure filed against serial offender for viral WI spa incident

This week, charges were filed against Darren Agee Merager after four women and an underage girl alleged that Merager was partially erect in the women’s section of a Wisconsin spa.

A group of women took to social media in June claiming that a person identifying as female was walking around in the women’s part of the spa with exposed male genitalia. Many were angry because they were uncomfortable with themselves and their daughters seeing that. In an interview with The New York Post, Merager denied the allegations and claimed to be the victim of transphobic harassment.

This incident led to protests with protesters pushing for women to have the right to “feel safe in public spaces” (New York Post) and counter-protesters fighting for transgender rights to be preserved. The protests resulted in two people being stabbed. Media outlets were calling the woman’s claims a “transphobic hoax” (Slate).

However, this is not the only offence Merager is currently being charged with. In a separate incident also in Los Angeles, Merager was also charged with indecent exposure. The investigation had been ongoing, with the Los Angeles Police Department providing very little information until this week, when the LAPD issued a warrant for Merager’s arrest.

The warrant was based on five felony counts of indecent exposure, on several different occasions. As of September 2, Merager had not been arrested. Law enforcement confirmed that Merager is a tier-one sex offender, with indecent exposure offences in 2002 and 2003.



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