Health officials sticking with 8-month COVID-19 booster shot timeline, Fauci says

Last Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fauci recommended public health officials stick with the eight months boost shot timeline after getting Covid-19 vaccine.

The chief medical adviser for the White House told ABC, “We’re still sticking with the eight months. However, as we’ve said, even in the original statement that came out, we’re gonna have to go through the standard way of the (Food and Drug Administration) looking at the data and then the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. So, although we’re sticking with eight, we’re remaining flexible, that if the data tells us differently, we’ll make adjustments accordingly.” (GMA). 

As the U.S. prepares a Covid-19 vaccine booster shot program, President Joe Biden said Friday that the administration is considering whether booster shots should be given as early as five months after vaccination. Biden was meeting with the Israeli prime minister and credited his advice that the U.S. start earlier. The U.S. has continued to experience its steepest rise in Covid-19 related hospitalizations since the winter of 2020, with more than 101,000 patients hospitalized across the country with Covid-19, as of Thursday. This marked the highest number of patients hospitalized with the virus in seven months. 

Pediatric hospital admissions for children under 18 with Covid-19 were also up by 514% since July Fourth, as of Friday. Raddatz asked Fauci, “I really want to concentrate on school kids with you this morning. As we transition into the fall, of course, we have all these kids going to school and pediatric hospital admissions are at the highest point of the pandemic. Does the delta variant just hit them harder than we expected? What’s happening?”

Fauci answered, “Well what we’re seeing is that this variant, Martha, is highly transmissible… so you’re going to see more children infected and quantitively, since more children are infected, you’re gonna see more children, unfortunately, getting hospitalized and that’s what we’re seeing”

Raddatz than pressed on, “And what’s the latest timetable for getting vaccine shots for children under 12?” To which Fauci replied, “Hopefully we’ll be acting quickly, depending on the data, and their assessment of the risk-benefit ratio.” But the nation’s top infectious disease doctor also emphasized that there are other ways to protect unvaccinated children as they head back to school.

Fauci concluded the interview by stating, “You know, I hope so, Martha, because it will help us to avoid this in the future. But we will need the cooperation of Chinese scientists and Chinese public health officials, if we’re gonna do the proper surveillance serologically of people who were infected in China, as well as the animals; being able to assess whether or not animals have viruses that are closely related to SARS-COV-2. We’ll need to do that in China with the cooperation of the Chinese.” (MSN).



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