Taliban imposes ban on co-education classes, won’t allow women in the same classroom as men

The Taliban has imposed a ban on co-education classes in learning institutions, and has banned women from the same classes as men in universities.

According to Afghanistan’s Khaama Press, the Taliban banned co-education across all government and private universities in the Herat province, calling it the ‘root of all evils in society’ and girls and boys will not be able to sit in the same class. The Taliban previously would not allow women to be educated at all, but have since reversed this, something nobody thought they’d actually do.

The Republic reported on this, where they said, “Earlier, the extremists on several occasions had made a number of promises to protect women’s rights. However, despite their assurance, the Taliban began white-washing posters of women soon after capturing Kabul. The group has even ordered news outlets and radio channels not to broadcast any other programs with female voices, leading to female anchors being sacked by many outlets.”

When asked if women will be allowed to run for office and hold political power, the Taliban spokesman just laughed and told them to stop the cameras. Upon arrival in Kabul, the Taliban began white-washing all the posters of women around the city.



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