President Biden attends dignified transfer of troops at Dover

Joe Biden was seen for the first time in days attending the dignified transfer of troops who were killed in Afghanistan defending Kabul from the Taliban.

Attending the occasion is what many military leaders consider to be one of the gravest responsibilities for a commander-in-chief to take part in. Joe Biden hopes to be the last president who has to witness the transfer of troops coming home from Afghanistan, as he pulled all military out of that country two weeks prior.

Most of the victims died at the hands of terrorists in Kabul, CNN reporting on the deadly attack. They write that the 13 service members whose remains arrived at Dover Air Force Base on Sunday morning were among the 6,000 US troops Biden deployed to assist in a massive airlift evacuation, and were killed in a terrorist attack outside the Kabul airport gates last week, a deadly coda in the final days of America’s longest war.

More than 170 other people died in the suicide blast. The transfer was extremely quiet, the only noises being heard were the plane’s auxiliary power and the cries of family members watching close by. The plane had carried the remains from Kabul to Kuwait to Ramstein Air Base in Germany before its final flight leg to Dover, where it landed Sunday at 8 a.m. ET.


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