Scientists in Uzbekistan create ‘tomato based’ COVID-19 vaccine

Uzbek scientists have developed an edible vaccine against COVID-19 using raw tomatoes, which contain antibodies of coronavirus, the local TV channel Sevimli reported.

“We introduced coronavirus into the plant cell by cloning. After the patient eats a “vaccinated tomato,” it enters the human body, and antibodies are released from the tomato cells,” the specialist of the Center of Genomics and Bioinformatics of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan said. After two months, seedlings in the center’s laboratory will grow tomatoes in the form of a vaccine, and people who eat these tomatoes are expected to produce antibodies against the virus, according to the statement.

Scientists cloned the crown part of a coronavirus found in the country and placed it in a plant cell, and as a result, these plant cells acted as a vaccine. “The experiment showed that the S-protein of the coronavirus, synthesized in a tomato, enters the intestines and awakens the immune system. The produced antibodies will fight the pathogen,” the scientist said, reports Sputnik.

Earlier, Uzbek Health Minister Ibrahim Abdurakhmanov said that the International Center for Allergology in Uzbekistan is working on an anti-coronavirus project when cows get inoculated, and immunoglobin-A could emerge in their milk. Russian scientists have been reportedly developing a mucosal vaccine against coronavirus in a form of fruit-flavored candy and chewing gum. Canadian scientists also worked on creating herbal plant-based injections.



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