Notre Dame’s Irish leprechaun mascot considered offensive, according to new poll

Notre Dame’s Irish leprechaun mascot was found it to be the fourth-most offensive college football mascot in the US according to a recent survey

The top three offensive mascots wear face paint and headdresses to appropriate the image of Native Americans, according to the survey. The Indianapolis Star, a newspaper in Indianapolis, Indiana, sent the survey results to Notre Dame, prompting a response from the college defending its iconic mascot.

“It is worth noting … that there is no comparison between Notre Dame’s nickname and mascot and the Indian and warrior names (and) mascots used by other institutions such as the NFL team formerly known as the Redskins,” the statement read. “None of these institutions were founded or named by Native Americans who sought to highlight their heritage by using names and symbols associated with their people.”

Notre Dame went onto say that the Irish have been a central part of the university’s history and were integral to selecting the name of the mascot. “Our symbols stand as celebratory representations of a genuine Irish heritage at Notre Dame,” the university said, “a heritage that we regard with respect, loyalty and affection.”

Notre Dame said its nickname and mascot emphasize the resilience of the Irish people. “In both the upraised fists of the leprechaun mascot and the use of the word ‘Fighting’, the intent is to recognize the determination of the Irish people and, symbolically, the university’s athletes,” the school said.



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