Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller fired after demanding accountability from Biden administration

Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller was fired after asking for accountability from the Biden administration in a video posted to social media following the withdrawal of the US military and the death of 13 Marines.

In his video, he critiqued the administration’s strategy, “I’m not saying we’ve got to be in Afghanistan forever, but I am saying: Did any of you throw your rank on the table and say ‘hey, it’s a bad idea to evacuate Bagram Airfield, a strategic airbase before we evacuate everyone.’”

He continued, “The reason people are so upset on social media right now is not because the Marine on the battlefield let someone down. That service member always rose to the occasion and has done extraordinary things. People are upset because their senior leaders let them down and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability or saying ‘we messed this up.’”

The next day, Scheller posted an update on Facebook, writing, “I have been relieved for cause based on a lack of trust and confidence as of 14:30 today.” Scheller mentioned previous warnings from fellow Marines who agreed with him yet feared he would face repercussions from speaking out.

His statement continued, “When my Marine Corps career comes to an end, I look forward to a new beginning. My life’s purpose is to make America the most lethal and effective foreign diplomacy instrument. While my days of hand to hand violence may be ending…I see a new light on the horizon.”



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