Hawaii hospitalizations up 854% in 2 months despite having longest mask mandates, highest vaccination rates

Hospitalizations in Hawaii are up 854% in 2 months, despite having one of the longest mask mandates and highest vaccination rates in the country.

Fingers have been pointed at illegal parties and crowds in tourist hotspots cause concern among the locals as infections rise and may be putting herd immunity at risk. Some travelers have been caught falsifying COVID-19 vaccination cards for traveling to Hawaii, which lets them skip quarantine requirements if they are fully vaccinated, according to the Hawaii Attorney General’s Office.

Hilo Medical Center is now ‘beyond capacity’ as cases surge – ICU beds full, emergency cases being treated in the ER, and elective surgeries suspended starting Monday – most new patients younger & unvaccinated. Vaccine coverage in Hawaii is among the highest in the country. Over 69% of Hawaii residents have at least gotten one dose of the COVID vaccine, but the hospitalization rates are rising nevertheless.

Two more people have been arrested and charged for falsifying COVID-19 vaccination cards and traveling to Hawaii, which lets travelers skip quarantine requirements if they are fully vaccinated, according to the Hawaii Attorney General’s Office.

Court documents show Florida couple Enzo and Daniela Dalmazzo were arrested on August 11 in Honolulu for having fake vaccination cards after flying from Miami to Hawaii with their two children, KTLA sister station KHON in Honolulu reported. She was also charged with having fake vaccine cards for the children ages 4 and 5, who are not yet old enough to be vaccinated.



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