Estimated 160,000 French citizens take to streets to protest new bill mandating vaccines

A whopping 160,000 people, including members of France’s right-wing movement, the Yellow Vests, were out protesting the country’s vaccine mandates and passport requirements for citizens and healthcare workers in a new bill introduced in the country. 

In neighboring Italy, similar protests occurred nationwide. Police fired water cannons and teargas on protestors who became “rowdy”, though most all the protests remained civil by most accounts. The bill was introduced recently, and was enough to tip many in the country over the edge.

According to the Associated Press, “Legislators in France’s Senate were debating the virus bill Saturday after the lower house of parliament approved it on Friday, as virus infections are spiking and hospitalizations are rising. The French government wants to speed up vaccinations to protect vulnerable people and hospitals, and avoid any new lockdown.”

Most of France is already fully vaccinated, and supposedly, most in the country are in favor of the new measures. The protestors represent a minority of the French. More and more across the world, people are coming out against the COVID restrictions that most countries have had in place for the last 18 months.

“Protesters chanting “Liberty! Liberty!” gathered at Bastille plaza and marched through eastern Paris in one of several demonstrations Saturday around France. Thousands also joined a gathering across the Seine River from the Eiffel Tower organized by a former top official in Marine Le Pen’s anti-immigration party”, Associated Press reported.



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Ethan Finn lives just outside of Sacramento in California. He was involved in Boy Scouts for most of his life and earned the rank of Eagle Scout in January of 2019. A passion for politics prompted him and his friend to start an Instagram page all about politics during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic—@conservative.outlet. Ethan finds it fascinating to be a part of the journalistic side of news as opposed to always being just a reader.

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