Australian police fine dozens after attending church service in ‘COVID-19 hotspot’

New South Wales police have fined 31 people who attended an illegal church service in the middle of Sydney’s Covid-19 outbreak.

NSW police went to the Christ Embassy Sydney church at 7:30 after being tipped off by an individual of a breach of public health orders. Inside the police found 60 adults and children. The church was issued a $5,000 penalty and 30 adults were fined $1,000 each. David Elliot, the police minister, stated he was “quite stunned” by the breach of COVID public health orders.

He further stated that “Churches are there to profess the message of hope and love and to have those people endanger communities … is extraordinary.” New protocols were put into place after the COVID-19 case numbers rose above 800 in two consecutive days.

The new harsher measures include a 9pm to 5am curfew for those who live in the areas of concern in Sydney. As well a statewide mandatory mask wearing outside unless you are exercising. Currently all of NSW is in lockdown currently while the police have begun to enforce the restrictions even more as they look to combat the Delta variant. Lockdown will stay in New South Wales until at least August 28th while the greater Sydney area’s lockdowns will remain until September 30th [The Guardian].



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