UK police launch rainbow colored ‘hate crime cars’ in effort to curb LGBTQ+ directed crime

British Police paint rainbows on the side of squad cars in an attempt to beat hate crime towards the LGBTQ community.

The move by Cheshire Police comes as reports of hate crime have more than doubled in recent years, especially towards the transgender community. The cost of the paint job is “quite minimal” but the aim is to give a “huge impact” on the community. Peter Whittle, who served as the leader of the new Brexit Alliance in the London Assembly, said the rainbow cars “hasten the collapse of confidence” in the police.

The openly gay politician tweeted: “This is to ‘give confidence to our LGBT community.’ What rubbish. In fact these idiots with their infantile cars just hasten the collapse of confidence in their ability or indeed desire to fight growing lawlessness and violence.”

Former police officer and founder of campaign group Fair Cop, Harry Miller, told the Telegraph: “We don’t see the Met with special cars for knife crime, even though the number of stabbings in London is appalling. The problem is that the second that you see a rainbow car, you know that it is a police force that has made its mind up about some very contentious issues.”

Deputy chief constable Julie Cooke said: “Cars are there in the communities on normal policing patrol just to show the community that we want you to come forward… It is there to try and give confidence to our LGBT+ community, but also to other under-represented groups.”



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