Portland demonstrators, supposed Proud Boy members clash in shootout after Proud Boys reunion

The streets of Portland turned wild on Sunday night when a man wearing a purple scarf and tan boonie hat crouched over a garbage can and opened fire on a group of demonstrators.

The gunman, identified by Oregon cops as Dennis G. Anderson, also appeared to dodge a volley of gunfire during the dust-up in downtown Portland. The fracas followed a Proud Boys reunion in an abandoned KMart parking lot earlier in the day. After the violence ended in Northeast Portland, a man fired a handgun at what appeared to be a group of Antifa members downtown.

Portland police moved in and arrested 65-year-old Dennis G. Anderson of Gresham. He was charged with unlawful use of a weapon and unlawful possession of a firearm. Video posted online also appeared to show someone shooting back after the man opened fire. Information was not immediately available on what led to the shooting. Police said witnesses may have removed evidence from the scene before they arrived.

Left-wing activist Dustin Brandon Ferreira, 37, told the paper the man used a slur against a black man in his group and then fired multiple rounds in their direction. According to The Oregonian, the shooter had told one of its reporters that the left-wing activists were “the real fascists” earlier in the afternoon.



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