22 dead and dozens missing in Tennessee after record rainfall, flooding

Tennessee sustained a record amount of rainfall within a 24-hour period, resulting in a minimum of 22 people dead, and an even greater number missing.

There was as much as 17 inches of rainfall in under 24 hours on Saturday in Humphreys County, Tennessee. The National Weather Service Nashville has said that this was a record amount of rainfall and a record water levels in the rivers. Several counties were issued flash flood warnings on Saturday, but some people weren’t able to get out in time.

Homes, roads, cars, and other infrastructure has been demolished, but more importantly, almost two dozen lives have been lost. Some areas were hit worse than others, notably several low income buildings called Brookside in Trace Creek. What are usually quiet creeks near people’s homes turned into strong and rapid currents that flowed throughout the towns and counties.

Rescue efforts began as soon as the storm began to subside, which was just before things got incredibly dire. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, along with Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty, visited Humphreys County on Sunday to survey the damage and see the progress local law enforcement had made.

They were reportedly saddened by what they saw and how little they could do. Lee announced that his team had reached out to President Joe Biden to request a federal disaster declaration in the following days. Biden made mention of the situation in a press conference on Sunday, where he also addressed the situation in Afghanistan.



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