Widely shared video depicting Kabul Airport chaos is actually from 2019 Dallas Cowboys game—REPORT

There have been ample pictures and videos circulating online showing what is occurring in Afghanistan; however, not all of the footage is accurate.

While most popular videos and pictures being shared online depict what is going on in Afghanistan, at least one particular video is not. Newsweek reported on a video that was going around claiming to be a scene from Afghanistan. In fact, it was from a couple years ago on an entirely different continent. The video shows a mob of people rushing to push themselves into what appears to be the airport entrance. In reality, it is footage from Arlington, TX in 2019, where people are rushing into the AT&T Cowboys Stadium.

This video has been shared on Twitter with captions such as, “Where is the UN. The superpowers. Why aren’t all nations coming together to help them. This is so sad.” and, “Surreal footage from Kabul airport as soon as it opened this morning – Afghanistan”.

This isn’t the only image being shared that is being portrayed inaccurately. Newsweek reported on another video, which the writer of the tweet claimed was people cheering as the Taliban took Kabul. Although the video does portray people in support of the Taliban, the video took place in Kandahar, Afghanistan days before the terrorist group arrived in Kabul. 

While the first video does not portray what is happening in Afghanistan, that is not to say that the airport situation is calm and normal. Likewise, it is true that some Afghani citizens are in support of the Taliban, but a large number, especially in Kabul, are against the group. 




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