Majority of Americans support mask and vaccination mandates, poll finds

A slim majority of U.S. workers would support a vaccine mandate at their job‚ a Gallup survey released Wednesday found, suggesting employers considering one have at least a base of support, even if there is a sizable minority opposed.

52% of workers surveyed favor or strongly favor their employer requiring Covid-19 vaccines, while 38% oppose or strongly oppose that idea. Support for the vaccine mandate increased from 49% in June, which was up from 46% in May. Those strongly opposing mandates fell slightly over the same period, from 31% in June to 29% in July. 9% of workers said their employers have mandated vaccines, an increase from 5% in May.

Far more employers are “encouraging” vaccinations, although that number fell slightly from May, when 66% encouraged it, to 62% in July. The share of employers not requiring or encouraging vaccines has held steady at 29%. Gallup reported in June that 44% of employers are giving employees time off to get the vaccine.

A larger share of U.S. residents polled said they support mask mandates: 64% supported state and local government requirements to wear the masks in public places, while 69% supported schools requiring them for students and staff, and 63% put their mask where their mouth is and wear one “at least sometimes” in public, according to an Axios-Ipsos poll released Tuesday.

There is a minority of people who strongly oppose mask-wearing, 33% of people support states banning local mask mandates and a sharp partisan divide between Democrats, roughly nine in 10 of whom support mask mandates, and Republicans, of whom 40% support public masking requirements 40% and 44% support the mandates at schools.



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