Scotland to let children as young as four change their gender without parental consent

Under new guidance introduced in Scotland, children as young as four will be able to change their gender in school without the consent of their parents.

This agenda targets primary schools because “recognition and development of gender identity can occur at a young age,” (Daily Mail). Teachers may not question children who indicate a desire to transition, but they are instead supposed to ask for their new name and pronouns. “Some young people are exploring their gender identity in primary school settings,” says the advice.

“Primary schools need to be able to meet the needs of these young people to ensure they have a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment in which to learn.” Students will also be allowed to use the changing room or bathroom of their choice regardless of assigned gender, which, the guidance states, is congruent with the fact that there is no Scottish law requiring people to use the same bathrooms as their biological sex.

Shirley-Anne Somerville, Scottish education secretary, said, “This guidance outlines how schools can support transgender young people while ensuring that the rights of all pupils are fully respected. It provides schools with practical solutions. The guidance is not prescriptive and does not promote transitioning.” Additionally, primary and secondary schools have been directed to incorporate books featuring transgender people into the curriculum and to consider introducing a gender neutral uniform.

The section of the guidelines called “changing name and recorded sex” says children should informally tell others they would like to go by a different name, but their new gender identity and name should not be updated in official school records. School staff members should ask students if their parents are aware that they are contemplating their gender identity; however, the guidance does not say parents should be notified.

Many have called the guidance “shocking” and noted concerns that children are too young to be making these life-changing decisions. Marion Calder, the director of the For Women Scotland campaign group, described it as “really, really worrying, and commented, “To be transgender you have to have a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. What are they thinking? Parents will be very concerned to be reading this document.”

She added, “The bottom line is this is a dangerous ideology that the Scottish Government is pushing.” Calder also stated that the children are “being encouraged on to a medical pathway, potentially for the rest of their lives” (Irish Post).

Gender separated from biological sex, as understood today, was developed by Dr. John Money. Money encouraged the parents of Bruce Reimer, who was an identical twin, to raise him as a girl after a botched circumcision. Around the age of nine or ten Reimer began identifying as a boy, but his circumstances caused him to suffer from depression for the rest of his life. Reimer, who went by the name David after detransitioning, committed suicide at the age of thirty-eight (CBC).


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