San Antonio sports bar shooting leaves 3 dead, 2 wounded, authorities say

Early Sunday morning, a man opened fire and shot five people, leaving three dead and  two in critical condition.

According to San Antonio Police Chief William McManus, an altercation began between two people inside the Boom Boom Sports Bar around 3:25 A.M. The incident moved outside, where one of the individuals went to his car and pulled out a long gun. He then shot five people before fleeing the scene. The victims were two women and three men. Two of them, a brother and sister, were pronounced dead at the scene. A third person died in the hospital and the other two remain in critical condition at the Brooke Army Medical Center.

A suspect was arrested today during a routine traffic check. The SAPD tweeted that Daniel Barragan, 34, had been arrested in relation to the incident that occured on Sunday morning. They announced that he would be booked on charges of capital murder. In a press conference today, McManus posed the question, “How do you change behavior when the consequences don’t deter these kinds of actions?” and said that not only has San Antonio been dealing with incidents of this nature, but the rest of the country as well.

The bar was open past operating hours and the owner was reportedly trying to shut it down when the incident occured. The three killed are Dan Martinez, 28, and siblings Mauro Rodriguez, 26, and April Rodriguez, 32. Dan Martinez leaves behind a daughter and partner, Erika Candela, who vowed to get justice for the two. Martinez’s sister also urged people to report any information they might have.




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