Texas Tribune issues correction after publishing incorrect COVID-19 child-hospitalization statistics

The Texas Tribune has issued a correction after publishing the wrong number for kids who have been hospitalized by Covid-19.

The Texas Tribune is now facing backsplash for its recent correction of a article posted that stated over “5,800 children had been hospitalized during a seven-day period in August,” but the real number was 783 children. The correction comes after weeks confusion and chaos with rising cases and “backlogs” due to what a state health official said was a “result of coding errors and a system upgrade.”

Although the number of cases of over 5,800 is not a false statement because there has been that amount of cases recorded since the beginning of the pandemic. But between July 1st and August 9th they have seen a 783 cases which alarmed health officials. This spike is still being studied for rout causes, considering the spread of the Delta variant.

Health officials are encouraging people in Texas to continue practices that stop the spread, which include vaccinations, washing hands frequently and wearing masks. They hope to even out the cases to a manageable number in which hospitals and staff can efficiently handle all patients. As of right now facilities are so over burdened with coronavirus patient care that doctors are “postponing elective surgeries that require a postoperative bed.”

With now 49% of the total U.S. population being fully vaccinated with two does of the coronavirus vaccine there are still many individuals not getting the shot due to various reasons including skepticism and medical pre-existing conditions.



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