American Express reportedly teaching employees Critical Race Theory

Recently released whistleblower documents revealed that American Express has launched a Critical Race Theory Curriculum that their employees are required to take.

Christopher Rufo, a writer and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, obtained whistleblower documents covering the new training program at American Express. He wrote that following the death of George Floyd in 2020, executives at AmEx began working on an “Anti-Racism Initiative” for their employees. The way this has worked out in practice begins with an outside firm called Paradigm coming in to teach employees how to “deconstruct” their racial, sexual, religious, and gender identities along with their age, body type, disability, citizenship, and disability statuses.

From there, they are told to figure out if, based on these factors, they are in a place of privilege or marginalization and to place themselves on a scale between the two. After this, American Express teaches their employees how to interact with people of different identities and statuses from them, encouraging people “with privilege” to “defer to” the marginalized groups before speaking, practicing intersectional allyship.

American Express reportedly held an anti-racism event where they invited Professor Khalil Muhammad, the great-grandson of Elijah Muhammad, a leader of The Nation of Islam, to speak about “race in corporate America.” In his speech, he claimed that capitalism’s root was racism and racist domination has shaped Western society: “American Express has to do its own digging about how it sits in relationship to this history of racial capitalism. You are complicit in giving privileges in one community against the other, under the pretext that we live in a meritocratic system where the market judges everyone the same.” 

He also pushed for the company’s leaders to start “the deep redistributive and reparative work” and to “lobby [the government] for the kinds of social policies that reflect your values.” He believes black customers should have reduced credit standards. “If American Express cares about racial justice in the world, it can’t simply say the market’s going to define how we price certain customers who happen to come from low-income communities. If you want to do good, then you’re going to have to set up products and [product] lines that don’t maximize profit.”

American Express has also encouraged their employees to “dig deeper” and has provided different resources to them, such as the Beyond Prisons podcast, which pushes for prison abolition. On The Ingraham Angle, Rufo said he planned to “expose” top Fortune 500 companies that had adopted Critical Race Theory ideologies in the next ten weeks.

He claimed that when companies begin CRT training for their employees, people in the workplace become less likely to share ideas and are fearful of what they can and cannot say. Author Vivek Ramaswamy also went on Fox & Friends to speak on the irony of how American Express, who only allows multimillionaires to carry its ‘Black Card’ is training employees to believe capitalism is wrong.



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