Teen crypto-trader shot dead by gang who reportedly targeted him for ‘flaunting [his] lavish lifestyle on instagram’

A young teen crypto trader who flaunted his money and wealth on social media was shot dead behind the wheel of his Porsche Boxter.

According to reports, the gunmen showed up to where 19-year-old Wesley Pessano Santarem was driving, where they unleashed a rainstorm of bullets on the young teen as he drove through Sao Pedro da Aldeia in Brazil. “Chilling video footage filmed in the aftermath of the broad-daylight shooting on Aug. 4 shows Santarem motionless in the driver’s seat of his car with his white T-shirt soaked in blood,” (New York Post).

The footage is quite horrific, with bullet wounds being seen in the back of his neck. The gunmen were a part of a gang which supposedly targets “insta-bragging” on the popular social media platform, Instagram. They go after market watchers and those who flaunt their wealth on the platform. 

Wesley had accumulated quite the profit in the market in the last few years. Despite being just 19 years old, Santarem apparently had made a fortune as a cryptocurrency trader and investor for at least three years.



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