Poll finds half of Americans say China’s human rights record should prevent them from hosting Winter Games

Nearly half of Americans say China shouldn’t be allowed to host the Winter Games in 2022 because of its record on human rights abuses, a new Axios/Momentive poll finds.

More than 6 out of 10 Republicans, and half of Democrats, said China’s human rights record should prevent it from hosting the Olympics next February. Just 36% of independents said China shouldn’t be allowed to host. The age gap had the largest divide: 59% of Americans 65 and older said China shouldn’t host the Games, compared to 51% of people age 35-64 and 40% of those age 18-34. Americans were closely divided on whether the Beijing Games should be held with no fans: 50% said they’d approve and 44% said they’d disapprove, Axios reported.

In September of last year, five international labor auditing firms declared they could no longer help companies audit their supply chains in China’s Xinjiang region because the Chinese government’s controls and repression make it too difficult to determine whether factories are using forced labor. Additionally, the Chinese Communist Party’s forcing of Muslim Uyghirs into concentration camps has led to concerns over the nation to host the Winter Olympics in 2022.

The Los Angeles Times questions the CCP’s worthiness to host the games in an artice published earlier this year, “How will it carry out human-rights due diligence as set out under United Nations standards? Without such scrutiny, Olympic leaders will be hard-pressed to ensure that forced labor was not used to make products in northwest China’s Xinjiang region bearing the IOC’s trademarked interlaced Olympic rings.”

The IOC could investigate the Chinese Communist Party before the games kick off in less than six months. Whether they decide to do so is up in the air. The potential for damage is even worse than when the 2008 Beijing Olympics were used to “sportswash” China’s international image.



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