Dr. Fauci says full FDA approval will inspire a flood of vaccine requirements

Dr Anthony Fauci predicts businesses and schools will rush to impose vaccine mandates as soon as the Food and Drug Administration gives its full approval of the Covid-19 shots.

In an interview with USA Today’s, Dr Fauci said FDA approval would embolden private organisations and educational institutions to require staff, customers and students to get the jabs. “They can say, ‘If you want to come to this college or this university, you’ve got to get vaccinated. If you want to work in this plant, you have to get vaccinated. If you want to work in this enterprise, you’ve got to get vaccinated. If you want to work in this hospital, you’ve got to get vaccinated.’”

Local governments and some businesses have already put COVID vaccine mandates into effect. Major companies like Facebook, Google, and United Airlines have alerted employees that they must be vaccinated, with some medical exceptions, in order to return to in-person work.

Last week, Disney and Walmart announced that they’d be putting mandates in place for some customer-facing parts of their businesses. Employers can legally require employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine or ban them from their workplaces, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said in recent guidance.

The Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines are currently being offered in the U.S. under emergency use authorization. All have submitted applications for full approval from the FDA, but the process takes several months and none of them have received full approval yet.



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