DJ posts pictures of Obama’s birthday party but then was allegedly forced to delete them

Performers at former President Barack Obama’s birthday shared photos of the event, before deleting the posts because of the “rules.”

Photos of attendees smoking joints, videos of Obama dancing, and snapshots of party favors and food surfaced online. Rapper Trap Beckham, manager TJ Chapman, and singer H.E.R. are a few of the guests who were forced to remove posts. “Had to delete everything due to the rules,” Beckham explained. “It was epic for sure. If any videos surface it’s going viral. He danced the whole time. Nobody ever seen Obama like this before.”

Obama hosted his 60th birthday celebrations at his mansion in Martha’s Vineyard, initially receiving criticism after reports of over 600 projected attendees. In response to the public outcry, Obama’s spokesperson claimed to “significantly scale back” the event due to the spread of the Delta variant.

According to reports, the attendee list was cut to only include family and close friends, all of whom were required to abide by CDC guidelines. However, the extent of the scaling back is unclear after aerial photos of large tents outside the home were posted. A so-called “COVID-19 coordinator” ensured public health standards were met.



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