New poll shows small minority of Hispanics prefer the term ‘latinx’

A recent Gallup poll among Hispanics revealed that a very small percentage prefer the term ‘Latinx’ when asked about their preference for their subgroup label.

Hispanic respondents were asked which term they preferred between “Hispanic”, “Latino”, and “Latinx”. (“Latinx” is a newer, gender-neutral term to describe people of Hispanic descent.) The results showed that 57% didn’t care which term was used, 23% preferred “Hispanic”, 15% preferred “Latino”, 4% preferred “Latinx”, 1% preferred another term, and 0% had no opinion.

The follow-up question asked, “If you had to choose, which term do you lean toward — Hispanic, Latino or Latinx?”. The responses to this question showed that 57% lean towards “Hispanic”, 37% lean towards “Latino”, 5% lean towards “Latinx”, and 2% had no opinion. Gallup surveyed both Hispanic Americans and Black Americans on what term they prefer their subgroup to be referred to as. The poll took place from June 1 – July 5 and the findings were similar to corresponding Gallup surveys from the past.

From June 5 – July 13, 2013, U.S. Hispanics were asked a similar question: “Some people say the word “Latino” should be used instead of the word “Hispanic.” Which term do you prefer – “Latino” or “Hispanic”, or does it not matter to you either way?”. In that poll, 10% preferred “Latino”, 19% preferred “Hispanic”, and 70% said it did not matter.




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