North Korean defector says she was robbed by 3 black women, then accused of being racist by white bystanders

North Korean defector, Yeonmi Park, told Joe Rogan that she was robbed by three black women and then accused of being racist after attempting to report the incident.

On Rogan’s podcast, Park said the incident happened outside of designer department store Saks Fifth Avenue on Michigan Avenue in Chicago last summer. Three women allegedly stole her wallet, and when Park tried to grab one of the women as she attempted to call the police, bystanders intervened. “I tried to call the police and they prevented me from calling the police,” Park said. “That’s when I was thinking, ‘This country lost it.’”

Park said that primarily white bystanders told her not to call the police. “They were telling me that the color of their skin doesn’t make them a thief,” Park said. “Calling a black person a thief is racist.” She continued, noting, “Anybody can become a murderer or a thief, but it just happened to be a black woman.”

After the incident, Park reported the robbery to the police who were able to track down suspects after viewing surveillance footage and tracking her credit card activity.

In 2007, Park and her family fled North Korea and in 2016 she immigrated to the US to attend Colombia University. In recent years Park has become an outspoken critic of the American left, one of her most popular commentaries compares censorship in the US to that in North Korea.



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