New Muppet Babies episode features Gonzo cross-dressing to become a princess

Disney Junior’s Muppet Babies features the character Gonzo in a Princess dress.

In the CGI show’s latest episode, titled “Gonzo-rella,” the already-unique little blue alien Gonzo gets to celebrate being exactly who he wants to be: a princess. In the episode, Miss Piggy and her friend Summer are planning a royal ball and asking everyone to dress up for it. While looking in a catalog, Gonzo sees a picture of some princesses and exclaims, “Wow! Get a load of that dress! I’d love to wear a dress like that to your royal ball!”

That’s when Summer explains that she and Miss Piggy are the ones who get to wear dresses: “According to the royal handbook, the girls come as princesses, and the boys come as knights.” A “fairy ratfather” grants Gonzo’s wish to become a “princess.” Later in the show, the Piggy character tells Gonzo: “We met the most amazing princess!”  

“But they ran away and all they left behind was this,” said Piggy, holding up what appeared to be a glass slipper. “Everyone,” Gonzo replied, “there’s something I need to tell you. The princess who came to your ball tonight was me.” After magically putting on a dress, Gonzo adds: “I’m Gonzorella.” 

As part of the ensuing conversation, Piggy apologizes. “Oh Gonzo, we’re sorry, it wasn’t very nice of us to tell you what to wear to our ball,” she says. Another character adds: “You’re our friend and we love you any way you are.”

The episode received some backlash on Twitter. Conservative commentator Candace Owens said: “I can’t believe I’m tweeting this but.. they are pushing the trans agenda on children via muppet babies.” 



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