CNN tracks down doctor, questions him on his ‘false claims about masks and the vaccine’

CNN tracked down a doctor and followed him near his home in an attempt to question him about the alleged COVID-19 misinformation he had been pushing.

A segment that aired Monday showed CNN’s Randi Kaye showing up at Mercola’s office near Fort Meyers, Florida. She asked two people where Mercola was, and they told her that he wasn’t there. After asking when he would be back and if she could leave a message, Kaye went to Mercola’s house, which they said was more than 200 miles away. Once Kaye arrived at the doctor’s home she tried to get anyone to answer her through the gate security box. Once that did not work, the CNN team saw Mercola riding his bike nearby and followed him to question him about his thoughts on the vaccine.

Kaye said, “Once he stopped, we thought this was our opening to get some answers as to why he’s pushing false claims about masks and the vaccine.” She continued pressing Mercola saying, “We just want to talk to you about vaccines and what you’ve been saying about them. Do you feel responsible for people who didn’t get vaccinated and possibly got sick and died because of what you told them about the vaccines?”

Dr. Joseph Mercola is on a list called the “disinformation dozen,” a group of 12 people that researchers from the Center for Countering Digital Hate say are responsible for 65% of anti-vaccine content on social media. White House press secretary Jen Psaki cited the research on the “disinformation dozen” during a press conference where the White House pledged to combat misinformation on social media and push for vaccines.

Mercola tweeted Tuesday, “CNN followed me from my home with two vehicles while I bicycled to the beach, interesting times we live in.” Mercola tweeted the CNN segment Thursday and said, “The correspondent that harassed myself and staff wasn’t double masked. Thanks for showing my home while stalking, classy move.”



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